Pathway Framework

The First 5 Shasta Strategic Plan 2012-2018 is supported by our adopted strategic framework “Pathway to Children Ready for School and Succeeding at Third Grade.” The “Pathways” framework provides a foundation for the Strategic Plan. It has informed the selection of Pathway Goals, Action Areas, and Actions that combine with First 5 Shasta Initiatives to help guide Commission investments.

The “Pathways” framework was constructed by the Project on Effective Interventions at Harvard University and the Pathways Mapping Initiative, with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. It assembles research, practice, theory, and policy about what it takes to improve the lives of children and families. It serves as a guide, providing a knowledge base that is combined with local wisdom to arrive at strategic action.

The framework states, “The Pathways framework does not promote a single formula or program. Rather, our emphasis is on acting strategically across disciplines, systems, and jurisdictions to increase the number of children who are ready for school and succeeding at third grade. The Pathway provides a starting point to guide choices made by community coalitions, services providers, researchers, funders, and policymakers to achieve desired outcomes for children and their families.”