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“The job and the challenge for me is in how I deal with my past at the same time that I am part of creating what will be a past in my son’s life. As I review my life story, … Continue reading

When Routines Change Overnight

For months and months, our son Ian just loved having his diaper changed. It seemed almost absurdly easy, and as a first time dad, I was not disappointed by this most pleasant reaction to what I had feared would be … Continue reading

Read Play Love

A child’s ability to read proficiently, if not better, by the end of 3rd grade is cited as a premier benchmark of his/her likelihood of success in all subject areas throughout school – and not dropping out of school. Play … Continue reading

Jeannie Jacobs Knows Early Childhood Trauma (Part I)

“MY LIFE’S WORK IS ALL ABOUT LISTENING AND RELATIONSHIPS. THAT’S WHAT SAVES THE WORLD.” Jeannie Early Jacobs is driven, passionate, brimming with mental health knowledge and the desire to help young children feel safe, important, and belonging…by helping their parents … Continue reading

Smart Lunch! Intro to Mind in the Making

Early Mental Health with Jeannie Jacobs March 17 at First 5 Shasta 12:00-1:00 pm Free lunch with presentation