Safety Is Job One!

And, it’s a two-way street! I generally have five or six guitars perched on their stands around my house, and I have a peculiar tradition regarding their safety and well-being. And my mental health. When I get a new instrument, … Continue reading

Rediscovering Myself in Motherhood

In my last Women’s Wednesday post, I ‘fessed up: I nearly lost myself to motherhood. I got so “babied out” that I didn’t even know what I wanted to order in my favorite restaurant! To be the best mom and … Continue reading

Quitting is Your New Reality

Myth: Lowering the number of cigarettes I smoke during my pregnancy is safer for the baby. Reality: There is no safe level of smoking. Even cutting down to a few cigarettes a day means you are ingesting harmful chemicals that … Continue reading

Read for the Record is a Reading Adventure

So many adventures are at your fingertips when you’re reading with young children. There’s books about babies, books about trucks, books about elephants who live in the jungle and monkeys who see the whole wide world from the tops of … Continue reading

The Perseverance Zone

Babies naturally possess an astonishing determinedness. Think of the pre-crawler; a baby will scoot herself over to a much-wanted toy that is juuuust out of reach. Think of the toddler known for sometimes stubborn attempts to “do it myself.” We … Continue reading