Age Three And Four Can Seem Like Night and Day!

Three and four may live right next door to one another. But, when you’re speaking about a child and their personal development, they can be as different as night and day. 3 AND 4 IN CONTEXT One important thing to … Continue reading

Do An ASQ At Home

Did you know you can get a free online ASQ and use it to follow your child’s developmental progress? Parents can use an ASQ to check their child’s natural developmental and, if you do enough of them, you can make … Continue reading

Holidays the Safe Way

Yvonne McQuaid is passionate about the health, education, well-being, and joy of young children, including her newly adopted grandson, Chance. As the executive director at First 5 Butte County, she helps lead the First 5 investment in young children, advocating … Continue reading

Safety Is Job One!

And, it’s a two-way street! I generally have five or six guitars perched on their stands around my house, and I have a peculiar tradition regarding their safety and well-being. And my mental health. When I get a new instrument, … Continue reading

Rediscovering Myself in Motherhood

In my last Women’s Wednesday post, I ‘fessed up: I nearly lost myself to motherhood. I got so “babied out” that I didn’t even know what I wanted to order in my favorite restaurant! To be the best mom and … Continue reading