Good Neighbor Grants

Good Neighbor Grant 2017-2018
Good Neighbor Grants supply small amounts of funding that can make a big difference. First 5 Shasta aims to attract a diverse range of partners, both newcomers and traditional early childhood organizations, by offering Good Neighbor assistance.

Good Neighbor Grants will support project costs for efforts that do not qualify or are not quite a fit for other First 5 Shasta funding categories. Requests may also be made to help leverage other grant funds. All activities must align with First 5 Shasta’s Pathway Goals and Initiatives.

Total Budget for Fiscal Year 2017-18:$25,000
Two Funding Cycles: Summer/Fall 2017 $12,500 | Winter/Spring 2018 $12,500
Request Range: $250-$1,500
Grant Period: Project completed within Fiscal Year
Application (Cycle 1)