Pathway Program Funding

Pathway Program Funding supports programs and services for pregnant women, children ages 0-to-5 and/or their families, and providers who serve young children and/or their families. All funded programs and services must align with one of First 5 Shasta’s Pathway Goals and address one of the Initiatives under the identified Goal.

Phase II Pathway Program Funding
Current Pathway Program grantees may be invited to apply for Phase II funding to extend or expand a successful program for which there remains demonstrated need. To qualify, grantees must meet all grantee requirements and demonstrate effective program outcomes. Phase II applicants will compete with new Pathway applicants, with overall awards based on the funding budget available for Pathway Program Funding.

Total Budget: $600,000 (over 3 years)

Request Range: $90,000-$300,000

Grant Period: 3 years

  • Past Award Recipients
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