Logo & Instructions

First 5 Shasta grantees are asked to recognize First 5 Shasta as their grantor according to a clause in the grantee contract. Be sure to refer to your contract for specific language to be used with the official First 5 Shasta logo. Recognition may appear on print/visual materials or advertising and through the inclusion of language in radio spots.

Request Logo

Send your logo request to Deborah Peel (dpeel@first5shasta.org) or call (530) 646-3784.

Standard logo sizes are medium, small, and xtra small. Do not stretch or resize. Custom sizes may be requested. Please do not use any other marks or logos to represent the First 5 Shasta brand.


If you have an interest in using other images you may have seen used in association with First 5 Shasta brand materials, advertising, etc., please send a request to Deborah Peel.