Mom Pressure is Real – Part 1

Being a mom is no joke! Can I get an amen? Whether you are pregnant or already have a little one(s) running around, the pressure to be a “good” mom is REAL. Being a mom can feel hard, stressful, overwhelming, joyful, scary, tense, tiring, and invigorating – all at the same time.

Rachel and toddler daughter


I speak with women everyday who feel the pressure to be a “good” mom. Women struggle to “balance it all.” “All” can include making your own baby food, transporting kids to and from school, daycare, little league, dance, play dates, doctor’s appointments, working part-time or full-time, making dinner, giving baths, and reading bedtime stories. Not to mention the guilt if you don’t volunteer at the preschool, breastfeed your baby for the “suggested” amount of time, make organic baby food, or skip bath night. If you have felt any of the above you are NOT alone!

Although my daughter is now 24, I can clearly remember the pressure I felt before and after she was born. The day I brought her home from the hospital I sat down on the couch and immediately started crying. As I held her in my arms, I realized that this small, beautiful little person was going to rely on me for EVERYTHING. I would feed her, bathe her, change her diaper, entertain her, educate her, keep her safe, and, most importantly, love her unconditionally. I didn’t even know if unconditional love existed back then. How was I supposed to do it for this little baby? I was immediately overwhelmed. I suddenly felt I had no idea what I was
doing and was scared to death!

Rachel Freemon-Sowers with grown-up daughter


Now, fast forward 25 years and new parents have MEGA pressures with things like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, TV, parenting experts, birthing experts, friends (who think they are experts), family, not to mention the most powerful pressures of all. Yes, the most powerful pressures are the ones we put on ourselves.

It is no wonder so many moms I speak with experience depression, anxiety, self-doubt, fear, or decreased self-esteem from constant comparison and exhaustion. Sometimes these feelings can sneak up on us or come at us full force. It is often the initial pressure of being a “good” mom that can result in more serious mental health issues. If you have these feelings, don’t give up hope. There are ways that you can begin to gather support and feel better….

Mom pressure is definitely real and preparing to welcome a baby or just getting your feet wet as a new mom is an ideal time to connect with some resources, including other moms. Next month, part two of Mom Pressure is Real will identify what you can do if your new mom experience starts to buckle under pressure.

If you need assistance immediately, contact the Healthy Babies program for Shasta County moms.

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