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Soaring summer temperatures are driving many in the north state into air conditioned offices and darkened living rooms, drapes drawn against a scorcher of a day. It’s a perfect time to log onto the 0-to-5 At Your Fingertips blog and meet our new guest bloggers!

Every month, we’ll feature stories of Ian “the dude’s” developmental antics as work-from-home dad Tony Conley delivers “Rockin’ Fatherhood.” And, every month, we’ll have a new post from Rachel Freemon-Sowers offering women, moms, and moms-to-be an empowerment boost with “Women’s Wednesday.” Go figure, Rachel’s posts will publish on the 3rd Wednesday of the month!

Learn more about our new bloggers and I think you’ll see why I’m excited about the fresh perspective they’ll be putting At Your Fingertips. Be sure to subscribe and you won’t miss a thing!


That name may ring a bell…Tony Conley returns to the blog with “Rockin’ Fatherhood.” He was previously featured as our “Bloggin’ Dad,” but took a little break to write his new book Paul McCartney: In the Beatles. He also writes his own blog, “Rock Guitar Daily.” The whole Conley family is excited about an upcoming family caravan book tour. That’s one of the ways this work-from-home full-time father balances fatherhood, marriage, and work – it’s a group effort!

Tony was completely surprised when he learned at age 53 he would be acquiring a new title – Dad. Tony shared his Fathering at Fifty+ experience in his very first blog post. Since then, “baby” Ian has been growing up fast! Tony will be catching us up on Ian’s progress in achieving developmental milestones and mastering early learning concepts. Watch for Tony’s posts the second week of each month.


Rachel Freemon-Sowers in You Got This t-shirtFierce confidence, laser clarity, and passionate purpose…just a few big things that Rachel Freemon-Sowers is helping women pursue in her work as an integrative life coach. Rachel describes herself as “a passionate advocate for authentic living” and she’ll be reaching out to empower moms, moms-to-be, and all women with her new First 5 Shasta blog “Women’s Wednesday.” Subscribe and watch for Rachel’s posts the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

As a life coach, Rachel inspires and encourages individuals to identify and achieve focused goals so that they can become their best selves. She is also a licensed marriage & family therapist, using both traditional and alternative methods such as hypnosis and guided imagery to assist clients from teens to seniors addressing mental health and difficult life issues. Rachel is a Northern California native and makes time for her own self-care, enjoying the outdoors and getting back to nature. You can connect with Rachel on Women’s Wednesday – she’ll answer all comments! And you’ll find her on Facebook, hosting a community of inspiring women at This Authentic Feminine Life.

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Writer, blogger, marketer, mother, lover of big trees and isolated mountain tops. I'm passionate about the pathway to success that First 5 Shasta is building for young children. Our grantees, partners, and caring community members all contribute to this critical early childhood investment. Together, we make the pathway strong!
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