Put Numeracy in Your Cooking Mix

Michelle Harris, MS, RDN sows her seeds of healthy eating, numeracy, and cooking in a few different ways. She’s a nutrition education specialist with First 5 Siskiyou and Chico State’s Center for Nutrition & Activity Promotion. She’s a wife and mom to three kids and the whole family pitches in to grow and operate a You Pick Berry Farm in Fort Jones, California. Kids in the Harris kitchen? You betcha!

Michelle recently appeared on Moms Everyday on Action News Now (TV 12-24) to talk about the abundance of numeracy lessons that cooking holds for young children.

According to Michelle, “Math naturally factors into the cooking mix…1 egg plus 2 eggs equals 3 eggs. ½ cup or 1/3 cup is a fraction of a full cup. Children are adding, learning about capacity and volume, and recognizing numbers.”

Watch this quick interview. It’s full of tips tips from Michelle! And, for more Moms Everyday wisdom, visit our Videos page.

Michelle encourages cooking with kids as soon as they can pluck a ripe tomato, scrub a squash, or help stir the cake batter. Get them involved in food prep as often as possible and as young as possible. It starts with poking seeds into the soil or selecting some new, colorful fruit to taste at the local farmer’s market. You can count on cooking with kids to lead to crazy fun and lots of learning. Well worth a little extra clean up.

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recipe for penne with meat sauce

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