Read for the Record is a Reading Adventure

Cover of book called QuackersSo many adventures are at your fingertips when you’re reading with young children. There’s books about babies, books about trucks, books about elephants who live in the jungle and monkeys who see the whole wide world from the tops of the trees. Books can take your child on a trip to a farm, far into outer space, or across old America in a covered wagon They can even help them understand themselves and their feelings, like the cat who thinks he’s a duck in Quackers by Liz Wong, this year’s Read for the Record book.

Today, October 19, 2017, is the annual Read for the Record and it gives families a great big reading adventure at story times in Shasta County and around the world. In Shasta County, children are reading Quackers at preschools and child care. But, families are invited to join the fun at other scheduled story times, including the Buddy Sleep Over at 6 pm at the Redding Library. Join the fun and break the world record for shared reading – one book on one day with kids around the world!

Anna Tracy from Redding Library reads to a group of childrenReading 20-minutes a day with your child builds essential literacy skills. But, just as important as the reading is the way you read. Anna Tracy, Youth Services Supervisor for Shasta Public Libraries, was featured in this month’s North State Parent Magazine and offered some easy tips for engaging children while you are reading.


  • Ask your child to pick the book
  • Sit together in a comfortable spot
  • Make sure your child can see the pages
  • Talk about the pictures
  • Use character voices
  • Ask questions about the story
  • Be just as engaged as you expect your child to be

JoJo Mantle from the Butte County Library has a blast every week riding on the literacy coach, stopping in points throughout her rural county to read to preschoolers. In a recent interview for Moms Everyday on Aciton News Now Channel 12/24, JoJo offered up some additional tips for engaging future readers.

Remember, it’s not just what you read but how you read it that makes reading a grand adventure for your child. So, practice your cat voice, or your duck voice, and go all out while you’re reading Quackers by Liz Wong! It’s a quirky story about a cat who thinks he’s a duck and it gives children a cats-eye view of feeling different, at least different than a duck. It’s about standing out, fitting in, and building a life with room for all. Read Quackers here!

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