Rediscovering Myself in Motherhood

In my last Women’s Wednesday post, I ‘fessed up: I nearly lost myself to motherhood. I got so “babied out” that I didn’t even know what I wanted to order in my favorite restaurant! To be the best mom and woman that I truly wanted to be, I had to change some beliefs and reach out for some support. If you’ve been there or are being swallowed up in motherhood right now, let me tell you what worked for me.

I reached out. So many times, we feel as though we are all alone. Losing yourself in motherhood is not a bad thing. It is when you discontinue socializing with other supportive adult women that the struggle begins. It becomes important to have a support network just to talk about a new haircut, the great massage you had (or need), or how each of you know exactly what it is like to not take a shower until noon or later! Reach out because you are not alone! (Read more: Mom Survival Guide)

I believed I could and so I did! Many women I talk with say “I can’t do that because….” You can fill in the reason or excuse. When you’re a mom, you can always find a reason you are not able to do something for yourself. This is almost a guarantee. So, I want to empower you to CHOOSE YOU! Believe and focus on something that makes you feel energized, calm, relaxed or “more like yourself” and DO IT! You have time, you deserve the time, you need the time.

You are the most important person to your baby. This is a fact. It may also be the easiest thing to forget among all the “duties” of motherhood. As women, as mothers, we must not forget that when we take care of ourselves, we take better care of our children. When you choose you, you reduce the likelihood of becoming neglectful, resentful, or sorely overwhelmed. When I could care for myself, I was a better mom and woman. That was my goal – to be the best mom and woman I could be.

Rediscovering myself had benefits for me and my baby. I handled the stress that came with periodic sleepless nights and 3 am feedings. I had more patience and calming energy when my daughter would cry for hours (or so it seemed). I thought more clearly on how to help soothe and comfort her. Now, I know there are circumstances in which we need to put ourselves aside, however, there is an ebb and flow.

Oh! And about that time I got temporarily lost in the aisle with the baby food, formula, and cereal? I was also able to spend less time at the grocery store staring aimlessly down the aisle. All joking aside, I was a better me, a better mom and a better woman.

If you only remember one thing from this blog, remember this: The more you care for yourself the more you can care for others.

Thanks for reading #womenswednesday with Rachel Freemon Sowers. Be sure to leave a comment or question and I will answer! Like I always say, you never know who you will inspire by just being you!

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I am an Integrative Life Empowerment Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Redding, California. I’m a passionate advocate for authentic living, dedicated to supporting and empowering women to live their lives with Fierce Confidence, Laser Clarity and Passionate Purpose. I was born and raised in Northern California and love the outdoors and getting back to nature. Join me and a community of inspiring women in the This Authentic Feminine Life Facebook group or find out more about me at

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