Say Good Night With A Math App

There’s an app for that. Seems that’s the standard answer these days, doesn’t it? It even applies to bedtime math, a smart way to build numeracy skills with your child.

Does your bedtime routine with your child include reading a book or two? Do those bedtime stories whisk you away to sunny meadows where rabbits romp, up winding pathways to stone castles on mountaintops, to the base of beanstalks rising into the clouds? How many beans were planted to grow that beanstalk? How many rabbits are hopping in the grass? Add a math discussion to your child’s bedtime routine, even one night a week, and you may help build math skills just as reading helps build literacy skills.

The Bedtime Math App is free and available in English and Spanish. It was the brainchild of Laura Bilodeau Overdeck, who has a BA in astrophysics from Princeton and an MBA in public policy from Wharton. You can get it for your iPhone, iPad, or Android. It gives you a daily math problem, a surprise problem, and a whole archive of math problems that you can browse by topic. It gives parents a fun fact to read and math riddles even the youngest children can solve.

Get it at the Apple Store or
Google Play
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