First 5 Shasta is working hard to support a variety of services that meet the evolving needs of Shasta County children ages 0-to-5, their families, and providers working on behalf of young children in Shasta County. Each service we support contributes to achieving one of the First 5 Shasta Pathway Goals.

Please explore the services organized by the following Pathway Goals:

Pathway Goal 1: Healthy, Well-Timed Births
Pathway Goal 2: Health and Development on Track
Pathway Goal 3: Supported and Supportive Families
Pathway Goal 4: High-Quality Childcare and Early Education
Pathway Goal 5: Continuity in Early Childhood Experiences







Community Events

  • First 5 Shasta Direct Service
Education and activities provided at community events to increase knowledge of school readiness, resources for children and families, and First 5 Shasta’s role in benefiting young children in Shasta County.
Community Collaborative Participation Early Childhood Education Advisory Board
Healthy Shasta
REACH Higher Shasta
Shasta Early Literacy Project

Strengthening Families
First 5 Institute

  • First 5 Shasta Direct Service
Workshops, speakers, trainings and activities for parents and providers on topics related to children ages 0-to-5.