Continuity in Early Childhood Experiences

Pathway Goal 5: Continuity in Early Childhood Experiences
Stable, predictable learning environments enable children to function at their highest academic and social levels. It is important that curricula and expectations be aligned among providers of early education and formal schooling to maintain continuity in early childhood experiences, setting a trajectory for continuous developmental progress and later academic achievement and success.
Countdown to Kindergarten Readiness Guide
  • First 5 Shasta Collaboration: REACH Higher Shasta
Guide to help parents of preschoolers prepare their children for a successful kindergarten experience. Includes school readiness skills, skill building activities, enrollment information, and transitioning children to an academic learning environment.
Kindergarten Readiness Snapshot
  • First 5 Shasta Collaboration: REACH Higher Shasta
Kindergarten teachers use the Kindergarten Readiness Snapshot to identify each child’s literacy, numeracy, social-emotional, and physical developmental skills and attributes at the start of kindergarten. Findings shared with the elementary school system may inform kindergarten instruction and may be used by the early childhood education system to develop provider trainings and enhanced education environments for children.
Montessori Preschool Project
  • Shasta Union Elementary School
  • First 5 Shasta Funding: Sponsorship Grant
Purchase of teacher and student curriculum materials to align the school’s preschool program with its existing K-8 Montessori classrooms.