Strong Fathers Round-Up

Mike Lindsey

“A father is a super star to his children. Our children look up to us, learn from us, and, to a child, a father is just as important as a mother. Positively involved fathers help children develop the essential skills, confidence, and motivation that help them get a solid start in kindergarten and continue to succeed in school and in life.”
Mike Lindsey
Parent Engagement Coordinator, Northern California Child Development, Inc.

Tony Conley

Tony Conley and son Ian holding drumsticks

“I let Ian take things to his conclusions (as long as they are safe, and not a hindrance to others) instead of, perhaps, what I would like to see happen for my convenience, or to fit my conditioning and experiences. I find that we are learning together and taking turns being the teacher and student. It’s just an ongoing process. I find that I’m less a coach and more of a teammate.”
Tony Conley
Father of Ian
Author of Paul McCartney: In the Beatles
Blogger: Rock Guitar Daily | Rockin’ Fatherhood

Rick Crowley

Native American father and Dutch mother with son in the snow

“At a very early age Erick was taught and encouraged to order his own food in a restaurant. His ability to do so has allowed him to conquer any fear in speaking or expressing himself. In Native American culture, it is important for Erick to have the ability to listen, contemplate, and report back to those he is speaking with to have a meaningful and respectful conversation. When telling stories to his Elders he is mindful to speak respectfully and without vanity or boastfulness. His words are kind and joyful.”
Rick Crowley (Chukchansi, Yokuts)
Father of Erick
Group Facilitator and Trainer, The Great Help Source

Justin Margolis

Justin Margolis and his two sons

“Strength is about making your child a priority, having fun together, teaching him or her things, singing, laughing, and talking together. A big thing to learn is to be soft and nurture your child. More than anything, do the best you can as a parent and keep learning along the way.”
Justin Margolis
Father of Jaden and Devin
Facilitator, Butte Parent Cafe

Join our strong fathers and comment with a little fatherly or grandfatherly wisdom of your own for other dads. We’ll be happy to send you a free children’s book to enjoy with your kids or grandkids!

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