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Rhythm, Regulation and ACEs

We have good news and bad news here in Shasta County. The bad news first: we have much higher ACE scores than the rest of our state. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are defined as stressful or traumatic events that can … Continue reading

ACEs and Brain Architecture

A healthy newborn brain is about one-quarter the size of an adult brain, but it comes packed with the pieces and parts required for phenomenal development, especially from birth to age 3. An average baby’s brain triples in size during … Continue reading

Owning Our ACEs (Part II)

In Part I of Owning Our ACEs, the concept of adverse childhood experiences was explained. Once you are aware that there are ACEs and that you or your client or patient has one or more of the ten identified ACEs, … Continue reading

Owning Our ACEs (Part I)

Being introduced to the concept of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) may be rather mind-bending for the average parent. Truth is, learning about ACEs can be a bit mind-bending and life altering for any adult – parent, doctor, therapist, social worker, … Continue reading