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Art with Children

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Most people recognize this old proverb meaning that different people have different ideas of what is beautiful. When considering education and art with young children, adults tend to lean toward “product-focused” vs. … Continue reading

Oh Baby! No Money, No Car Activities

Baby Activities for When You Have No Money or Transportation When we lived in the Caribbean, my son and I spent many days without many kid-friendly resources. We had to stay close to home because nap time was school time … Continue reading

A Whole Week to Celebrate the Young Child

Get your motor runnin’…okay, how ‘bout those little sneakers? Cardboard boxes are already being transformed into Big Race race cars that will be energized by youngsters and proudly trotted around the raceway on April 16th. The Big Race, hosted by … Continue reading

Staying Sane in Mom Mode

When my son was particularly young (and we didn’t have a car), every day seemed to drag on. I distinctly remember counting down hours until he would go to sleep for the night and I could escape being in “mom … Continue reading

Parents, Children, Teachers: Week of the Young Child

Celebrations…April is full of them! With Easter, spring break, and sports teams, families are kept busy during this exciting time of year. But local organizations and teachers have also been busy gearing up for April, preparing for a very special … Continue reading