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The Mom Village: Science of Support

As moms, we find ourselves experiencing the ups and downs of child rearing and keep hearing how “it takes a village.” But, sometimes we feel like we’re in a bubble. We can get laser focused on our children; we count … Continue reading

Do An ASQ At Home

Did you know you can get a free online ASQ and use it to follow your child’s developmental progress? Parents can use an ASQ to check their child’s natural developmental and, if you do enough of them, you can make … Continue reading

Quitting is Your New Reality

Myth: Lowering the number of cigarettes I smoke during my pregnancy is safer for the baby. Reality: There is no safe level of smoking. Even cutting down to a few cigarettes a day means you are ingesting harmful chemicals that … Continue reading

The Perseverance Zone

Babies naturally possess an astonishing determinedness. Think of the pre-crawler; a baby will scoot herself over to a much-wanted toy that is juuuust out of reach. Think of the toddler known for sometimes stubborn attempts to “do it myself.” We … Continue reading

Losing Myself in Motherhood

There I was in the baby aisle, looking at baby food, formula, baby cereal and, well, everything else in the aisle. What am I here for again? Another time, there I was in the bathroom looking at my tired puffy … Continue reading