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No Teeth, Baby Teeth, Healthy Teeth

Roman Olney is a tooth brushing champion and has the excellent dental health to prove it. I ask, “Roman, how many teeth do you have?” He’s quick to answer, “Two!” With a great big smile, he shows off a mouth … Continue reading

Oh Baby! No Money, No Car Activities

Baby Activities for When You Have No Money or Transportation When we lived in the Caribbean, my son and I spent many days without many kid-friendly resources. We had to stay close to home because nap time was school time … Continue reading

Baby Items You Should (and Shouldn’t) Buy Used

When we lived in Grenada, buying used baby items was the norm for every family there. Not only are baby items expensive to begin with, but hauling or shipping new items to the island proved far too expensive to be … Continue reading

Staying Sane in Mom Mode

When my son was particularly young (and we didn’t have a car), every day seemed to drag on. I distinctly remember counting down hours until he would go to sleep for the night and I could escape being in “mom … Continue reading

Baby Abroad (Best and Worst)

Having spent most of my child’s life in Grenada, it has been easy to notice the differences between the island and the United States when it comes to how people raise children. If nothing else, I have noticed that each … Continue reading