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Digital Babies Catching Air

If you put a smartphone in many a preschooler’s hands, chances are they’ll show you how to change your ringtone, play a game, call grandma, take a selfie, or text a friend. Today’s young children are growing up in a … Continue reading

ACEs and Brain Architecture

A healthy newborn brain is about one-quarter the size of an adult brain, but it comes packed with the pieces and parts required for phenomenal development, especially from birth to age 3. An average baby’s brain triples in size during … Continue reading

Oh Baby! No Money, No Car Activities

Baby Activities for When You Have No Money or Transportation When we lived in the Caribbean, my son and I spent many days without many kid-friendly resources. We had to stay close to home because nap time was school time … Continue reading

Ethan’s Favorite Non-Toy Toys

Or… 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Fewer Toys! For some unexplained reason, having a baby gives you the impulse to shower them in toys. Is it their squishy faces? Their tiny hands? Their sense of helplessness? Something about them … Continue reading

Screen Time Across the Ages

Have you heard about YouNow? No, not YouTube, the platform phenom engaging about a billion people these days. YouNow is for live-casting, a teenager’s dream for broadcasting anything and everything about themselves. And they do. Sleeping? Yes, among less benign … Continue reading