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Oh Baby! No Money, No Car Activities

Baby Activities for When You Have No Money or Transportation When we lived in the Caribbean, my son and I spent many days without many kid-friendly resources. We had to stay close to home because nap time was school time … Continue reading

Ethan’s Favorite Non-Toy Toys

Or… 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Fewer Toys! For some unexplained reason, having a baby gives you the impulse to shower them in toys. Is it their squishy faces? Their tiny hands? Their sense of helplessness? Something about them … Continue reading

Screen Time Across the Ages

Have you heard about YouNow? No, not YouTube, the platform phenom engaging about a billion people these days. YouNow is for live-casting, a teenager’s dream for broadcasting anything and everything about themselves. And they do. Sleeping? Yes, among less benign … Continue reading

Early Childhood Hub: At Your Fingertips

Hooray! This brand new blog dedicated to the first 5 years of childhood is officially launched! First 5 Shasta has created “At Your Fingertips” as an electronic community hub for information, tips, and the increasingly important connection to resources that … Continue reading