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Reconfiguring Life – Pregnancy and A New Baby

Ian “the dude” Conley came along relatively late in his parent’s lives (Monica was 42 years old, I was 53), so, as I’m sure you can imagine, his arrival did signal some changes. The good news is that most of … Continue reading

Strong Dad, InsideOut Dad – Part II

How did InsideOut Dad facilitator and Parent Café Coordinator, Justin Margolis, go from incarceration to single dad to professional guiding other parents to giving their best to parenting? Here’s the rest of his story… (if you missed it, read Part … Continue reading

Strong Dad, InsideOut Dad – Part I

Fathering at Fifty

The closest experience that I can somewhat equate with fatherhood would be going to college while simultaneously holding down a full-time job. I remember being inundated with new information in both situations, but it was all manageable. The tough part … Continue reading

Ian Goes Shopping

I’ve just recently discovered the unbridled joy of taking Ian toy shopping, but we’ve loved taking our son shopping since he was tiny. He loves it, and so do we. This has created a need for me to be more … Continue reading