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Soft Skills are Super Skills

“In recent years a growing body of research has demonstrated the strong link between young children’s social-emotional competence and their cognitive development, language skills, mental health and social success.” Center for the Study of Social Policy (Strengthening Families, Protective Factors … Continue reading

Back to Homeschool

I sit kicking back in my office chair shopping for school supplies. Does that sound a tad unconventional to you? School shopping invokes images of store time with various backpacks, shoes, crayons and papers flying into the cart. But I … Continue reading

Last Year Before Kindergarten

August back-to-school days are upon us, especially for parents of young children around age 4. Waddaya mean, back-to-school? These little guys may be going to preschool. Or, they are surely working with mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, their child care provider, … Continue reading

Who’s Graduating Kindergarten?

June comes around and parents and teachers all seem to be saying the same thing at this time of year. “How did the school year go by so quickly?” “I can’t believe it is time for summer already!” Whether we … Continue reading

Numeracy for Life

Being ready for kindergarten involves so many different aspects of learning and development. When you think about preparing your child for school, what do you think of first? It is very common for many people to think of reading, literacy … Continue reading