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Mom Pressure is Real – Part 1

Being a mom is no joke! Can I get an amen? Whether you are pregnant or already have a little one(s) running around, the pressure to be a “good” mom is REAL. Being a mom can feel hard, stressful, overwhelming, … Continue reading

Baby Identity Theft

reality of becoming a mom also comes with its bumps. Alongside the joy of having a baby is significant transition for a woman and that isn’t all hearts and flowers. Who am I? What am I? Am I doing this … Continue reading

Jeannie Jacobs: This I Believe

Guest blogger: Jeannie Early Jacobs, LCSW I believe that relationships change the world, no less and no more than this. I believe in the power of listening to change minds and hearts. Let me tell you how I came to … Continue reading

Staying Sane in Mom Mode

When my son was particularly young (and we didn’t have a car), every day seemed to drag on. I distinctly remember counting down hours until he would go to sleep for the night and I could escape being in “mom … Continue reading

1 in 5: Women, Children and Depression

“My first memory is at age 5,” quips Jeannie Early Jacobs, an early mental health expert helping parents and their children in California’s upper north state. “I remember being 5 and reading to my mother!” But a quieter sadness threads … Continue reading