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Serious Science: Play!

“Babies learn through their five senses rather than an academic style of learning. That’s why talking, reading, singing, tummy time, grabbing books and toys, and knocking over that pile of blocks is optimal for development. It’s all part of the … Continue reading

Purposeful Play Anyone?

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was visiting a transitional kindergarten classroom. I arrived during their “purposeful play” time. Marcus and Emily were in the block area where the teacher had placed several balance scales, rulers, a cloth tape … Continue reading

A Flourishing TK Learning Environment

In discussing what an exceptional learning environment might look like, we must begin by discussing how kids learn. After all, if I, as the adult, am responsible for creating an environment that will nourish and excite my students, I need … Continue reading

Kid Messes: Worlds of Fascination and Mystery

One of the first gifts my son Ian received was a bag of plastic building blocks. Their packaging featured many pictures of elaborate creations; structures, vehicles, walls, and bridges could all be lovingly assembled by the family in a multitude … Continue reading

Ethan’s Favorite Non-Toy Toys

Or… 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Fewer Toys! For some unexplained reason, having a baby gives you the impulse to shower them in toys. Is it their squishy faces? Their tiny hands? Their sense of helplessness? Something about them … Continue reading