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Holidays the Safe Way

Yvonne McQuaid is passionate about the health, education, well-being, and joy of young children, including her newly adopted grandson, Chance. As the executive director at First 5 Butte County, she helps lead the First 5 investment in young children, advocating … Continue reading

Baby Items You Should (and Shouldn’t) Buy Used

When we lived in Grenada, buying used baby items was the norm for every family there. Not only are baby items expensive to begin with, but hauling or shipping new items to the island proved far too expensive to be … Continue reading

How to Stop Biting and Hitting

Ian Did That? BITING I still remember clearly the first time that Ian bit me in anger. While I’m not exactly sure what brought it on, I do remember being very shocked. This was not a behavior he had ever … Continue reading

Boundaries for Others – Ian’s Call

My son Ian is what they call a “people person.” He loves nothing more than to be in a room filled with an interesting variety of people. He’s very friendly and gregarious, and he’s rarely dismissive of anyone’s attentions, but … Continue reading

Happily Ever After?

What is a healthy and safe relationship? We yearn to find that special person who will love us and live happily ever after. After all, that is why the Hallmark and Disney movies are so popular…dreams do come true. But … Continue reading