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Home Routines and School Routines

Let’s begin with a quiz about social and emotional skills! What do these things that children do have in common? Sit at the dinner table for the entire family meal. Complete a pattern with beads and string. Put your backpack … Continue reading

Transitional Kindergarten Part II with Stephanie Alexander

PART II: Interview with Stephanie Alexander, Instructional Coordinator (Shasta County Office of Education) Is There a Transitional Kindergarten Advantage? I spent some quality time talking about early learning with Stephanie Alexander and became quickly aware that she brings unique expertise … Continue reading

Oh Baby! No Money, No Car Activities

Baby Activities for When You Have No Money or Transportation When we lived in the Caribbean, my son and I spent many days without many kid-friendly resources. We had to stay close to home because nap time was school time … Continue reading

How to Stop Biting and Hitting

Ian Did That? BITING I still remember clearly the first time that Ian bit me in anger. While I’m not exactly sure what brought it on, I do remember being very shocked. This was not a behavior he had ever … Continue reading

Routines Rock!

PICTURE THIS: You’ve just driven back from grandma’s house after a holiday visit. Released from their car seats, your kids start racing around the house. It’s ten o’clock at night, but they erupt in tears when it’s time to brush … Continue reading