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Art with Children

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Most people recognize this old proverb meaning that different people have different ideas of what is beautiful. When considering education and art with young children, adults tend to lean toward “product-focused” vs. … Continue reading

Purposeful Play Anyone?

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was visiting a transitional kindergarten classroom. I arrived during their “purposeful play” time. Marcus and Emily were in the block area where the teacher had placed several balance scales, rulers, a cloth tape … Continue reading

A Flourishing TK Learning Environment

In discussing what an exceptional learning environment might look like, we must begin by discussing how kids learn. After all, if I, as the adult, am responsible for creating an environment that will nourish and excite my students, I need … Continue reading

Transitional Kindergarten Part II with Stephanie Alexander

PART II: Interview with Stephanie Alexander, Instructional Coordinator (Shasta County Office of Education) Is There a Transitional Kindergarten Advantage? I spent some quality time talking about early learning with Stephanie Alexander and became quickly aware that she brings unique expertise … Continue reading

Intro to Quality Transitional Kindergarten with Stephanie Alexander

Transitional Kindergarten seems brand new to me, or nearly brand new. But, it’s been around since the California Kindergarten Readiness Act of 2010 (SB 1381) changed the enrollment eligibility date for California kindergarteners. It also required school districts to develop … Continue reading