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Divorce, ACEs and Your Kids – Part 2

In Part 1 of Divorce, ACEs and Your Kids, the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) of Losing a Parent to Separation, Divorce or Another Reason was explained as a potential type of childhood trauma. It can impact a child’s learning potential … Continue reading

Routines 4 Kids

Melissa O’Neill of Hat Creek (eastern Shasta County) is our parent featured in August’s “Watch Me Thrive from 0-to-5,” a monthly series we’re running in North State Parent Magazine. Melissa is the mother of four children ages 10, 8, 6 … Continue reading

Weird Things My Son Likes (And Doesn’t Like)

It’s insane how quickly a child’s personality emerges after they are born, and how quickly they develop personal tastes. While one toddler can be chatty and social, others (like my own son) show more their introverted side. But, regardless of … Continue reading

Positively Love You

Heart shaped cut-outs and boxes with sweet treats stamped “Be Mine” and “I Love You” are so fun to share on Valentine’s Day. But what if you could share a valentine with your child each and every day? The kind … Continue reading

The Heart of Childhood Matters

Being a mom is such a blessing and privilege. It also is one of the most daunting jobs I have taken on. When I first held my daughter in my arms, she gazed at me with such a sweet face … Continue reading