Intro to WOYC

Shasta County’s Week of the Young Child is April 14-21, 2018

First 5 Shasta serves as the local facilitator of Shasta County’s Week of the Young Child. Each year it is our privilege to collaborate with local partners, businesses, and event and activity hosts to create a celebration focused on young children, ages 0-to-5, their families, and caregivers. When paper dolls handcrafted by local children appear in Shasta County business window, all community members are alerted that the Week of the Young Child has arrived!

The WOYC Celebration

  • Reminds our community of the importance and value of early childhood.

  • Offers many opportunities for fun and learning at events and activities for children, families, professionals, and all community members.

  • Encourages stronger early childhood investment. The whole community benefits when we invest time, energy, and resources in the health, education, and well-being of young children!

How to Get Involved
Shasta County professionals, businesses, families, and individual community members can play a role in the Week of the Young Child. You can get involved in the following ways: