Paper Doll Project

outline of paper dollThe Paper Doll Project provides the visual signature to Shasta County’s Week of the Young Child. It links generations and all geographic areas of Shasta County when displays of paper dolls appear in store fronts and lobbies to announce “The Week of the Young Child is here!” Each paper doll is unique, decorated by a young child as an image of him/herself. Some paper dolls wear colorful crayon scribbles, others wild yarn hair and googley eyes. Some have a smile and some have a frown. Each one is a visual representation of a child in Shasta County who is full of promise and potential. Local businesses hosting a display of paper dolls indicate their support for children, families, and a thriving community.

Make Paper Dolls

  • Free! Make Paper Dolls for WOYC
    Use this form to confirm your children’s group or family is making a set of paper dolls that will be ready for a business to adopt and display. Preschool, TK, and kindergarten classrooms, child care, play groups, neighborhoods and families can sign up. Be the artists that make and donate paper dolls!
    Deadline to bring in your decorated paper dolls is March 27, 2018!
    Request blank paper dolls: Email quantity to Megan Johnson
    Print your own paper dolls: WOYC Paper Doll
  • Self-Match to a Business (optional)
    Some classes or groups like to match their own paper dolls to a business. If you’ve already decorated and delivered your dolls, let us know where they are! We’ll thank your group in the paper doll directory. Send your group name and the business display location to: Megan Johnson

  • Paper Doll Sign
    If you self-match your paper dolls to a business, please make a sign to go with them! Download, insert your group name, and print.

Display Paper Dolls

  • Free! Businesses Display Paper dolls for WOYC!
    All Shasta County businesses, agencies, stores and other public locations can sign up to adopt and display paper dolls. A group of paper dolls will be delivered to you. Simply arrange them in your front window or lobby and keep them up for the month of April; at the end of the month, recycle or discard – no need to return them. Request some Week of the Young Child calendars to go with them and hand them out to your patrons!
    Business Paper Doll Display Request
    Deadline to request paper dolls: March 23, 2018

Paper Doll Directory

  • Find Paper Dolls
    Your guide to where each group of paper dolls was on display for WOYC 2017.

Thank You – Business Display Sites and Paper Doll Artists

ARTISTS: A big, public THANK YOU for making and donating paper dolls for WOYC 2017. Each doll made by a young children represents one of the most important people in our community!

BUSINESSES: THANK YOU for adopting a group and displaying paper dolls for WOYC 2017. Your participation indicates your business recognizes the value and importance of young children and families.