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Week of the Young Child boy with magnifying glassIt’s the second-most wonderful time of the year! A certain tune has claimed Christmas as the most wonderful, so we’re happy to claim second-most for Shasta County’s Week of the Young Child (WOYC). This celebration of young children takes place April 22-29, 2017. It has become an annual tradition for local families, educators, service providers and, most importantly, young children. The WOYC Calendar is your guide to the celebration. Be sure to scout out your favorite events and plan a week of fun with your little one!

Your child will astonish you in the early years from 0-to-5. This is a period of dramatic brain development, neurons connecting and forming pathways at lightning speed. Combine that with an intense level of exploration, growth, and learning and you have a phenomenal human being! The Week of the Young Child is all about celebrating young children during their earliest, most formative years and the enormous possibilities that stretch before them. What happens in early childhood will lay the foundation for your child’s success from home to preschool to kindergarten – literally from cradle to career.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children established WOYC in 1971. It was designed to bring public attention to the needs of young children, their families, and the early childhood programs that contribute to their future success. Shasta County joins communities across the nation every year to celebrate WOYC and our community’s most treasured residents, future leaders, and future parents – your little ones.

WOYC PRESENT (Click on calendar)
Calendar for Week of the Young Child 2017


At first glance, the WOYC celebration seems like all fun and games. There is plenty of fun to be had at its free family-friendly, child-friendly events. But, it’s also important to watch for your chance to connect with valuable resources that can help strengthen your family and your child’s opportunities all year long. Most WOYC events are hosted by organizations that can introduce you to wellness, education, and social services available to children ages 0-to-5 and their parents. That’s the serious side of WOYC and its proven to be seriously helpful for many families.
So, ready to make some plans for the last week of April? Join the celebration that First 5 Shasta helps create especially for young children!

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Writer, blogger, marketer, mother, lover of big trees and isolated mountain tops. I'm passionate about the pathway to success that First 5 Shasta is building for young children. Our grantees, partners, and caring community members all contribute to this critical early childhood investment. Together, we make the pathway strong!
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