Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Shasta County is a community where young children are ensured optimal early development and are ready to enter school.

Our Mission

Working in partnership with the community to promote, support, and improve the early development of children from the prenatal stage through five years of age.

Our Story

The first 5 years of life are a rich period of extraordinary brain development, important first relationships, and critical skill building. Informed by our focus on these highly formative years, First 5 Shasta is forging a pathway to success for Shasta County children. Our pathway is formed with knowledge of child and family needs, meaningful partnerships, and smart investments. From essentials like a healthy pregnancy and early brain development to a child’s eager entry into kindergarten, First 5 Shasta uses Proposition 10 tobacco tax revenues to fund programs, activities, and services that contribute to thriving children and the promise of a thriving community.

A well worn path must once begin as a simple bend of the grass. After countless and repeated bends, the tall grass lays flat and a clear path emerges. Each time the pathway is used it becomes wider and more defined, until it is an easily followed, permanent passage. With each investment we make in early childhood, we create another bend of the grass that makes the children’s pathway more prominent and capable of benefiting young children and our community.

Financial resources are a critical part of early childhood investment but investments of time, energy, and knowledge contribute to the children’s pathway being strong and easy to navigate. There is room on the pathway for one and all, room and opportunity for every community member to help enhance and improve the lives of young children. Join us – make each bend of the grass count!