Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Shasta County is a community where young children are ensured optimal early development and are ready to enter school.

Our Mission

Working in partnership with the community to promote, support, and improve the early development of children from the prenatal stage through five years of age.

Our Story

First 5 Shasta is building a pathway to success for young children. It must be strong and easy to navigate to guide children from birth through optimal child development and on to a promising start in school.

Like a pathway through a meadow, it starts with a simple bend of the grass. The footsteps of many travelers make the pathway firm and wide. Each investment we make in Shasta County’s young children is another bend of the grass, a contribution to a vital pathway to success. It will support many little travelers in their journey from infancy to kindergarten and on to a bright future.

One investor, one builder, cannot begin to build this pathway alone. There is need of the talent, time, and expertise of all community members, many travelers, to help build the pathway. Join us and make every bend of the grass count.

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