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Resources for Parents and Caregivers

When parents and caregivers are supported, their children are more likely to grow up with the skills and resilience they need to succeed in life.

Give your child a strong foundation.

Life offers no instruction manual for how to raise children. Prenatal to five years of age is crucial for healthy child development. During these years, children learn and grow at an incredible rate, developing the skills they need to thrive in adulthood. A child's environment plays a significant role in their development, and parents and caregivers are the most important influence in their lives.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to raising a child, but we all can use some advice and support. This is why we provide caregivers with access to reliable information and support systems, so they confidently guide children on a positive life path.

Receive Support

Connect with the people and resources needed to understand what young children need to thrive.

Access Comprehensive Programs

Our resources are inclusive to all people, families and income levels.

Find Solutions

Caregivers will feel supported and know where to go for answers.

Resources Near You


0-5 Playgrounds

Help your children have fun, explore, socialize, and develop physical skills. Playgrounds allow children to interact with each other in a safe and supervised environment.

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Little libraries

Little Free Libraries

Reading helps children develop their imaginations and learn about the world around them. Little Free Libraries include books that are free for anyone to take and are a great way to encourage parents to read with their children.

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Care, Cope, Connect

This Parent and Caregiver resource includes tips to help comfort and support your child when they’ve experienced community stress. Share safe, friendly illustrations that invite joy and let children know you care.

Additional Resources

Shasta County Resource & Referral Assistance in your search for quality child care that best meets your family’s needs.
Shasta Head Start High-quality child care and social services for low-income children and their families. Serving infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.
Shasta Strengthening Families Introducing the 5 Protective Factors that help strengthen families, promote optimal child development, and protect against child abuse and neglect.
Reach Higher Shasta Resources for parents and students to be successful at all stages of learning.
Healthy Shasta Information to help you eat healthy and be active at home, work, and school. Local maps include walking guides, bike maps, and playgrounds.
Breastfeeding Support Free support and services regarding lactation care and classes to support and encourage women throughout their breastfeeding experience.
40 Developmental Assets for Early Childhood The Search Institute’s building blocks of healthy child development for ages 3-5.
Childbirth Preparation Class A four week class that prepares expect families for birth.
Shasta Public Libraries Weekly storytimes are available for children and parents to encourage early literacy and learning.
Shasta Family YMCA Offers prenatal yoga and youth aquatics year round.
Redding Recreation The Tiny Tots and Grasshopper Sports is a great way to get your little one engaged in fun and organized play!
Kit for New Parents Free kit of parent education materials from First 5 Shasta. The kit includes the latest information on everything from prenatal care to preschool.
Next Stop Kindergarten Guide Free guide to help families prepare their age 3-4 child for a successful start in kindergarten.
Triple P Shasta The Positive Parenting Program that helps you as the parent or caregiver in dealing with common behavior challenges.
North State Parent A magazine serving families in Butte, Glenn, Shasta, Siskiyou, & Tehama Counties since 1993.
Tobacco Cessation Resource to help you quit tobacco.
W.H.A.L.E Kits We Have a Little Emergency sticker to affix to your child’s car seat in case of an emergency.
Home Visiting Programs Learn more about Home Visiting programs that can help you on your parenting journey.
Help Me Grow Learn how to support your child's development!
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Parents and caregivers need a strong support system.

When parents and caregivers can lean on others for help with behavior, parenting, child development and other challenges, they are more likely to feel good about their efforts and help their children succeed in life.

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