For Parents

Parent Resources – Because raising a child is one of the most important and rewarding things you will ever do.
  • The education extension of First 5 Shasta that offers free and low-cost early childhood adventures, activities, and learning for parents, children 0-to-5, and providers. Easy access with the Institute Calendar
  • First 5 California Parents – A great first place to go for everything children 0-5. Features health, learning and reading tips, activities, and parent support information. Click for First 5 Parents
  • Videos and Activities from First 5 California – Chock full of video spots that inspire the best in parenting. Plus a selection of everyday, do-able activities that your child will love (and so will you!). Click for First 5 Parents
  • 2-1-1 Shasta – Get connected to local child, parent, community, health, and disaster services. Find services using the searchable database. Or dial 2-1-1 from your phone. Click for 2-1-1
  • Bringing Baby Home – Flip through this free publication that welcomes you to parenthood! Click for Bringing Baby Home
  • Kit for New Parents – Free kit of parent education materials provided to expectant Shasta County parents. Information covers a range of parenting topics, questions, and surprises that arrive with caring for a newborn and extend through early childhood. Kits are provided to parents at the following places: Click for Kits
  • Little Free Libraries – Discover free books through these little libraries springing up in neighborhoods, hosted by businesses, and at schools near you! Take a book, read a book, donate a book – a great way to share books with children and other community members. Brought to you by the Shasta Early Literacy Partnership, dedicated to improving the early literacy skills of children. Click for Little Free Libraries Map
  • Moms Everyday – First 5 Shasta video segments featuring local experts plus tips especially for moms – also see the segments on Action News Channel 12/24 serving Chico and Redding!
  • Next Stop: Kindergarten! – Kindergarten has changed a lot since we were students! This free guide offers parents information to help gear up for kindergarten. Have a 3 or 4-year-old and want to learn about choosing a school, health requirements, and helping children build strong school readiness skills? Get Next Stop:Kindergarten!
    DOWNLOAD HERE – or – request a print copy by EMAIL.
  • Playgrounds for Young Children – Support your child’s health and development with visits to playgrounds designed especially for young children! Playing on age-appropriate equipment keeps children physically active, enhances developing motor skills, and playgrounds can be the first place they learn to socialize with new friends. Playgrounds for Young Children were funded by First 5 Shasta and can be found throughout Shasta County. Click for Playgrounds Map
  • Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) – Triple P is for every parent! Parents all over the world deal with common issues. Tantrums, disobedience, bedtime drama – sound familiar? Whatever your parenting needs, no matter how simple or how complex, Triple P has information that can help. Click for Triple P
  • Week of the Young Child – The annual celebration of young children that takes place every April in Shasta County and all across the nation! A new collection of events and activities is available each year for families and all community members.
  • Intro to Week of the Young Child
    WOYC Mini-Grant
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    The Paperdoll Project