All About Funding

As stewards of funding dedicated to young children, First 5 Shasta aims to invest in efforts that will have the most effective and positive impact on children and our community. Five Pathway Goals selected from the adopted strategic framework “Pathway to Children Ready for School and Succeeding at Third Grade” are used to guide First 5 Shasta’s investment in early childhood. From a healthy pregnancy to a child’s eager entry into kindergarten, strategic and innovative use of all First 5 Shasta resources contributes to making a lasting difference in the lives of children.
Pathway Goals and Initiatives
Pathway Strategic Framework

Grant Funding Schedule
First 5 Shasta makes funding available to potential partners through a variety of funding opportunities. Each funding opportunity matches appropriate levels of funding to the intensity of anticipated grant-funded efforts. Use the Funding Schedule to determine the type of funding to pursue and find out when it will be released during the year.

Open Funding
We encourage applicants to pursue First 5 Shasta funding and become partners in helping all young children reach their highest potential. Check Open Funding for grants currently available for application!

Grant Descriptions

  • Pathway Program Funding
  • Sponsorship Grants
  • Good Neighbor Grants
  • Focused Investment
  • System Grants
  • Mini Grants