First 5 Shasta Funding Policies

Considering applying for a grant from First 5 Shasta? It will be helpful to become familiar with the following basic funding policies applicable to all First 5 Shasta categories of grant funding.

Supplantation Policy

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  • No Commission funds shall be used to supplant local general fund money for any purpose.

  • No Commission funds shall be granted or used for any existing project or program funded by local general funds or state general funds unless the proponent demonstrates to the Commission’s satisfaction that the Commission’s funds will be used solely to supplement an existing project or program, and not to supplant existing funding. This prohibition shall not preclude the Commission from funding programs previously funded by the state, but for which state funding is no longer available.

  • This prohibition on supplantation does not apply to privately funded or federally funded programs.

  • This policy shall not apply to pilot programs or services.
  • Fundraising Policy

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  • Commission funds shall not be used for fundraising activities. Applicants pursuing any type of Commission funding may not include fundraising in the proposed activities.
  • Healthy Food Policy

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  • First 5 Shasta funding used for the purchase of food and/or beverage items may be applied only to items that constitute healthy choices.

  • For healthy food/beverage choices, reference Healthy Shasta’s Healthy Meeting Guidelines.
  • Tobacco Control Policy

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  • Grantees receiving Commission funds agree to maintain a tobacco-free work environment, including outside areas on grantee property, within a reasonable distance of exits, entrances, windows, and air intakes of grantee’s buildings.

  • Grantees may not accept any funds from the Tobacco Industry, including event sponsorship and in-kind contributions.
  • Child Behavior Modification Funding Policy

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  • Programs providing parenting education focused on child behavior modification must incorporate Triple P into their program design.