Positive Impact: Investments and Partnerships

First 5 Shasta has been making an impact on the lives of young children and their families since our program investments began in 2001. We are celebrating successes as well as challenging our community to help build the pathway to success for young children. To date, we have had the privilege of investing approximately $20 million in programs, activities, and services that help build a pathway to success for young children. Adding to this impact are our ongoing education and advocacy efforts aimed at increasing recognition of the critical value of the first 5 years of a child’s life. There is room on the pathway, and need of parents, providers, community leaders, and partners, old and new, to contribute to healthy children, ready for school. Together we make a lasting difference that benefits our community for generations to come.
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Our level of impact increases significantly as we join together with partners that share our desire to see Shasta County’s children reach their highest potential. First 5 Shasta grant funding allows us to contribute to a variety of partnerships implementing programs and activities aligned with the Pathway Goals and Initiatives identified in our Strategic Plan.

Partnerships that we have supported over the years have resulted in:
  • Increase in high-quality child care programs
  • Development and utilization of infant mental health services
  • Increase in access to preventive health and dental care for young children
  • More families engaged in early literacy activities with their children
  • Increase in safe, young child-friendly outdoor playgrounds
  • Increase in access to parenting support
  • More children better prepared for kindergarten


Collaborating with other agencies and groups provides another opportunity to increase our impact and expand community commitment to young children. Our contribution to collaborative efforts includes convening groups to address children and family issues, participating on established collaboratives, and providing financial support as needed. We approach collaboration with great enthusiasm and understand that organizations and groups can achieve more working together. Some of our collaborative partners in Shasta County include:

  • Shasta Early Literacy Partnership
  • Reach Higher Shasta
  • Shasta County Local Child Care Planning Council
  • Healthy Shasta