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How to Earn 3 Gold Stars When Your Child Has a Tantrum in Public

How to Earn 3 Gold Stars When Your Child Has a Tantrum in Public

Want to know the top three tips to keep from feeling embarrassed when your toddler has a tantrum in public? Throws a little fit? You know the feeling, it can happen anywhere. It can happen at the grocery store, the doctor's office, Target, and even at your place of employment. You see the signs, you're attempting to manage the behavior, to no avail. Your toddler enters the "fit zone" and, well, all he** breaks loose!

You feel the eyes looking at you, people wondering "is she going to do anything about that?" "why is that child screaming so loud?" and then the "look." You know the "look." It can make you feel smaller than your child, like you should be able to control your child.

Any of this sound familiar? Well if it does you are not alone. This happens to moms everywhere. That's why I wanted to give you the top three tips to reduce embarrassment when your little angel needs to vent and you are in a public place. If you do not have a toddler yet, hold on to these three golden nuggets!

TIP 1: Don't ignore the tantrum warning signs!

You know every little nook and cranny of your child and this is a powerful resource for you when your toddler wants to stop, drop, and roll (and not because there is a fire) in public. As a mom, you may get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of what needs to be done that you forget to tune in. You can get in a hurry and ignore or refuse to recognize the signs your toddler is giving you because you need to get alllll this done. You hope they will be able to make it to one more store before going home. This is often an unrealistic expectation. Remember! Your child is a toddler with limited capacity to manage his/her emotions. Your child is relying on you to help.

TIP 2: Focus on you and your toddler.

You're a great mom, but during tantrums in public it doesn't always feel like it. Your toddler is screaming, yelling, throwing a fit on the floor and everyone is looking to you to make it stop. Instead of being focused on what others may be feeling and thinking (this equals feelings of embarrassment), stay focused on you and your child. Ask yourself "if we were somewhere else, like at home ,what would I do?" This will give you the ability to quickly identify and do what needs to be done to deescalate your child.

TIP 3: Keep calm and know.

Take a breath or maybe even two. This is one of the best ways to maintain calm. Don't worry if people are looking at you, they will still be looking and your child will probably still be having a fit, after your second breath. So, take a little moment. It is not helpful for both you and your child to be stressed. Confirm to yourself that you know what you are doing. Even if it doesn't feel like it.

I work with women every day that doubt their own capacity. Hey mom, you got this. Trust yourself and you're on your way to earning three gold stars, even when your kid lets loose in public.

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