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How An ASQ Helps You, Your Child, and Your Doctor

How An ASQ Helps You, Your Child, and Your Doctor

When you have a question about your child's healthy development, it's normal to want to get answers as quickly as possible. In today's world of instant information accessed through the Internet, the amount of information available, often conflicting information, can make your head spin. First 5 Shasta's investment in Help Me Grow Shasta is intended to ease parents' connection to valid information, answers, and resources about their child's development and needs. And that includes the ability to check your child's developmental progress with an Ages and Stages Questionnaire, also known as an "ASQ."

Megan Johnson, Program Coordinator at First 5 Shasta, has personal experience with the questioning that parents face. She says, "When my first child was born, I always wondered, ‘Is she doing what she is supposed to be doing? When will she start walking, play more cooperatively with other children, read and write? Should I compare her to other kids?'"

Megan is excited about the availability of the ASQ that parents can do at home. "An Ages and Stages Questionnaire would have alleviated my anxiety when I was a new parent, and reassure me that my little girl was developing just fine, at her own pace. What a resource Help Me Grow Shasta is for parents and the community, offering the chance to do a free ASQ and find out how your child is progressing!"


Requesting an ASQ, in English or in Spanish, is as easy process when you contact Help Me Grow Shasta. Just follow these steps:

1. Call 2-1-1 or visit (click "Get Connected") and request an ASQ.

2. You will be contacted by a Help Me Grow Care Coordinator.

3. A link to the right ASQ for your child's age will be sent to your phone or email.

4. Copy and paste the link into your browser to access your questionnaire.

It won't be long and your Help Me Grow Care Coordinator will have ASQ results to share with you and with your doctor.

The complete ASQ Helps You and Your Doctor article from North State Parent Magazine

An ASQ Helps You, Your Child, and Your Doctor, North State Parent Magazine (February 2019)

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